Imparting water repellency to jute fabric by nano paraffin and nano copper colloid treatment

D P Chattopadhyay, B H Patel


Jute is one of the natural cellulosic textile materials. It has many advantageous properties similar to cotton. Jute fibre has potential to impart different functionality by different chemical finishing for its diversification. In this research the jute fabric was treated for water repellent finishing using synthesized colloids of nano-paraffin and nano-copper. The water repellency of the sample was assessed in terms of contact angle. The water repellency of jute fabric was found to be highly enhanced by synergistic effect of nano paraffin and nano copper combination.


Jute fabric; Nano-Copper; Nano-paraffin; Water Repellency

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M.E Dissertation of Mr. Prabhat Singh entitled “Synthesis of nano paraffin and its application to polyester for near superhydrophobicity “ 2015; submitted under the guidance of Prof. D P Chattopadhyay, at Department of Textile Chemistry, Faculty of Technology & Engineering, The M S University of Baroda, Vadodara, India


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