Antimicrobial Activity of the Leaf and Flower Extracts of Peltophorum Pterocarpum

Dilip Gorai


Peltophorum pterocarpum is a very common deciduous tree grown in tropical countries. Flowering occurs from March-May and September-November although sporadic flowering may occur throughout the year. It is a low land species, rarely occurring above an altitude of 100 m and prefers open forest conditions with light to medium free draining alkaline soils although it tolerates clay soils. Different parts of this tree are found to be used to treat many diseases like stomatitis, insomnia, skin troubles, constipation, ringworm. Its bark is used as medicine for dysentery, as eye lotion, embrocation for pains and sores. The traditional healers use the leaves in the form of decoction for treating skin disorders. The present study describes the anti-microbial efficacy of the cold ethanolic extracts of leaf and flower of P. pterocarpum against four bacterial strains.


Peltophorum pterocarpum; Leaf extract; Flower extract; Anti-microbial activity.

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