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Polymeric surfactant based on sorbitol, acids, and anhydrides have been synthesized and used successfully in detergent compositions. In the present piece of research work a small quantity of oxalic acid and citric has been used in synthesis of polymer .The overall idea is to develop a polymeric surfactant using higher quantity of sorbitol and substantial quantity of oxalic acid and citric acid. The Detail kinetic study of synthesis of polymer is very essential to decide the time of heating and other parameters to get most useful product. The present study indicates that three hours heating at 1300 C give most useful polymer for formulations of detergents. These polymers may be ecofriendly and based totally on vegetable products .The synthesized polymers have been analyzed for spectroscopic analysis and physicochemical characteristics like acid value, saponification value, HLB ratio, and cleaning efficiency. The preparation of these polymers is simple and they can be recommended for commercial use .These novel polymers are comparable and suitable for commercial production. Economically they are cheaper than petroleum based products. These polymers have also been used in hand wash and dish washing liquid compositions. 


Polymeric surfactants; sorbitol; citric acid; oxalic acid; kinetic study .

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