Hyers - Ulam Stability of a Fredholm Integral Equation with Trigonometric Kernels

K. Ravi


In this paper, authors are interested in proving the Hyers - Ulam stability of a Fredholm integral equation of second kind
with the trigonometric kernel function of the form
πœ™ π‘₯ = π‘₯ + πœ† sin 𝑛π‘₯
sin𝑛𝑠 πœ™ 𝑠 𝑑𝑠
where 𝑛 is an integer and for all π‘₯ ∈ 0, πœ‹ , by using the fixed point method.


Hyers - Ulam stability; Fredholm Integral equation of second kind; Fixed Point Method; Kernel.

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