Analysis of an accident by the lack of respect for priority

  • Xiaogen Chen Department of mathematics, Talesh Branch ,Islamic China University of Technology


This article focus on the resulting of mathematical simulation of system man-vehicle-surrounding in accident reconstrucion. We will examine an accident situation in its three stages when two vehicles and two pedestrians participate in a crash. The first vehicle moving along the national highway A1  in the direction of the location A to location B; A2 second vehicle moving along the national road in the direction from locality to locality D-C and two pedestrians were crossing the white lines. As a result of the collision of the two vehicles, the collided vehicle hits the two pedestrians as well. Severely damaged in the accident, the driver and passenger of A1, also severely damaged remained the two pedestrians who were crossing the white lines. From the study we will do, the calculation of the speed of movement of vehicles involved in the accident using one of the ways to solve this problem, will be sufficient.
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